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The Restor +3 from Alcon – Raymond Stein, MD

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Please read below as Dr. Raymond Stein talks more about the Restor +3 add:

There have been significant advances in cataract surgery implants in the past year. The most impressive bifocal implant has been the Restor +3 add from Alcon. The implant has consistently provided distance, intermediate, and near vision.  In 2004 I was the first surgeon in Canada to implant the Restor +4 add. This implant provided distance and near vision but intermediate vision was difficult for the majority of patients. The new Restor +3 add represents breakthrough technology. Some patients may have some glare at night but this is usually minimal and in my experience not of clinical concern.  All cataract and refractive lens exchange patients need to be aware of their implant choices.  For patients that desire a reduced dependency on glasses the Restor +3 add is my implant of choice.

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